I Escaped To Mexico For The Day

Azulik Tulum

I unexpectedly had an extra day off for this Christmas holiday and I decided the night prior, hey I kinda want to lay on the beach somewhere. Living in Upstate NY, the easiest place to get to is... South.

My goal was to: Find the easiest, cheapest flight to legit anywhere. I couldn't find anything that didn't have a dang 10 hour+ layover in PA or NYC. And then it hit me... Mexico. I did quick research on Mexico on things to do, flights, Airbnb's, hotels and weather. And I ended up on the next flight out 5 hours later to Cancun, Mexico.

I knew I didn't want to spend the holiday on a crowded beach at a sub-par "all inclusive" resort. If I was going to fly to Mexico for the day, I want to go somewhere cool and well worth my travel time.
COCO Tulum
I hopped in a car and headed 1.5 hours south of Cancun to the great jungles of Tulum. And wow, it did not disappoint.

I didn't get in until 1AM Monday, Dec. 24th. It honestly was the longest travel day ever. Even worse than flying to Vietnam on a 17 hour flight. (6 hour delay and 2 layovers) To be honest, I was terrified. I'm driving in the darkness and I had trouble finding my Airbnb on the beaten dirt roads.

Mexico at night, btw... Scary af when you're a lonely girl in a foreign country. But nevertheless, I made it. People and sometimes I, underestimate the power of solo traveling. I did everything I wanted to do in Mexico and had time to nap on the beach next to a margarita. When you travel alone, you don't have to wait for anyone to decide what they want to do, where to eat, etc. I'm here for myself and by myself only. I'm in, and then I'm out.

By 8am, first thing I did was visited a Cenote, which is this underground sinkhole and was used by the ancient Mayans. The water was this clear, turquoise water that lies beneath limestone rock. You can see the roots of the trees from above that grew straight through the rock. Seriously was an incredible experience I happily checked off my travel list.

Gran Cenote
I then drove to the main strip of the beach line and roamed around looking for Tarzan at the Aziluk Resort. It's an eco-friendly tree house hotel that has little to no electricity. At night, the whole place is lit up by candles and lanterns. The views from up there- breathtaking.

I grabbed lunch at The Real Coconut. It's a dairy free and gluten free restaurant. A+ for their creativity on their dishes. They make these delicious chips and tortillas out of coconut flour. I had the ceviche that was "cooked" in lime juice and coconut milk. Definitely up there in $$ though.

The Real Coconut

Few things I've learned  in my day in Mexico:

  1.  They are terrible drivers. I was finally with my own kind because I'm also terrible. There's speed bumps every mile and a police station at 10 miles.
    I learned the hard way about the speed bumps btw... & there goes my rental car deposit. 
  2. You really cannot drink the water here. Even the ice is bagged and brought to every restaurant daily. 
  3. Tulum has become a hotspot for tourists, so unfortunately it is not as cheap in those areas. I stayed in an Airbnb about 10 minutes away from the main hotel strip, which wasn't too bad because I had a rental car. It's super easy to get around. I stopped using my GPS by my 3rd hour into Tulum. 
  4. Most hotels/resorts/Airbnbs have bikes for you to use to get around, which is the most common way and dare I say, super hipster. 
  5. During the busier times of the year, like Christmas, most of the resorts won't let you into their grounds unless you're staying there or are there to dine.
    So here's a tip - Tell them you are here for drinks/lunch and they'll park your car for you FOR FREE and you can get in to explore and get your pictures. (You should always try to support and buy something though) 
  6. Exchange your money in Pesos at a local shop!!! I went to a coffee place called the Tulum Art Club for coffee and right next door had an exchange spot for a small fee compared to the other places. Or you can go to a bank. To make sure I'm not getting jipped, I always use my Units Plus app to ensure I'm getting the correct change/exchange back. 
  7. Lastly, this is no surprise- The Mexicans know how to PARTY. Get me some tequila, fire and a beat drop and we're ready to rock. 

I actually met 4 others who were also traveling alone, but unlike me, they had a whole week or more to enjoy. I had to catch a flight back to NY the next day. So we gathered later that night and had the most wonderful dinner at Rosa Negra right on the beach. It was an unreal experience with amazing drinks and literal fire everywhere. My kind of people!

So why didn't I go with anyone to Mexico? Simply because 1. Nobody could leave their family 2. My sisters were away in FL visiting my Mom 3. Nobody thought I was serious. And let's be real here, at this point in the game, you should know - I'm always serious.

I really was bummed that I got called off from work because I'm that crazy person who actually loves their job. So I turned a dull situation to a crazy experience to add to my list of stories. I had the time of my life in my day in Tulum. I so recommend visiting if you ever get the chance! Maybe for more than a day... 😜


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