Finding Your Drive

I recently gave a speech to a class about finding your drive in life. That one glow that motivates you to do one step further. I was so surprised of the questions these students had about how exactly they can find this passion. After this 10 minute presentation, they still wanted a play-by-play.

Social media allows me to broadcast the small fraction of success I've earned. But what it doesn't show is how hard I worked to get there. I think people are so blinded by that alone. People don't see the endless nights I spent working on 3 different things at once. They don't see the times I've spent crying on my way to class because I really thought "I am doing too much. I can't do this."  The amount of frustration I feel every time I can't fully put 100% into something I worked on, whether it'd be a work project or a class assignment.

The fact is, yes, I am doing too much. More often now, people tell me that I need to focus on that ONE thing. I do understand that the jack of all trades is the master of none. But for some reason, I have a drive in the back of my mind that I can be the master of it all. That will either make me a millionaire or kill me lol.

To me, I'm not wasting my 20's. The word "waste" is not even in my vocabulary. I don't waste time. I don't waste money. I can very much so take a week off and fly to Positano if I wanted. Because I worked so hard, I am able to have that leisure, if I choose to. But it's that drive that makes me want to keep working endless nights and putting all my energy into my work. With hopes of one day, I won't have to do anything anymore and I can just travel the world and build houses like I dream of.

For me, my drive is being that small percent that is extremely successful at a young age. I dream of being on that Forbes list. My high in life is life itself and the pride of being so young and achieving so much.

Just like most things in life, it doesn't come easy. And I know that all this work will pay off tremendously in the end. I have a tunnel vision when it comes to my goals. The smaller achievements that come by on my journey to get to my goals are what drives me to do more and more.

I really thing it's all a change in mindset that will help you find your passion in life. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and worked so hard so I never will feel sorry for myself ever again.


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