23 Things I've Learned At 23

Hi guys! So I turned 23 this week (June 17th) and I'd thought I'd post a list of 23 things I've learned at 23 years of age. Although I am so young (so so so much younger than I realize), I feel like I've lived a pretty solid life so far. I always think back on my "stories" of memories and cringey times I've had to face when experiencing these life lessons that everyone happens to go through. Ugh I feel so old - Like I'm 40 living in a 23 year old body.
Yes, I get that I am very young and have only lived barely a fraction of my lifetime. But I have experienced a lot more than most under the age of 25. There's always issues that come about because I'm "just in my 20's, there's no way you could know ____ by now." Yes, I get that I have still an abundance to learn, but don't doubt those who only have lived for a small amount of years. I know people who are twice my age who haven't experience half the things I have. Anyways, ON WARD-

  1.  Let's start off with a cliche - Not everyone is going to like you. And quite honestly, I'd prefer it that way. Less stress of pleasing people. There are so many people in this world who will hate you for being you, and they don't even know who you are!! I have a very "selfish" way of living life - that you are put on this earth to please one person, yourself. Everything you do, all the actions you take, are because it benefits you in one way or another. The only person who will have your back 100% of the time, is yourself. I'm not saying become a homebody who has no friends because #livingmybestlife. I'm saying don't stress out about the little sh**, especially when it has to do with other people's lives. Do what is best for you, because let me tell you from experience, not everyone will always be there for you and do things that are best for you. Not even your family is certain. I LOVE my family, my sisters are my whole world. But realistically in the end, they're out looking for themselves because it's THEIR life. I'm just living in it (and vice versa).
  2. Money runs the world - Sorry for being brutally honest, but it does. Without money, we cannot do things that we want to for ourselves and for the people we love. (I've written a blog post about this) I cannot give to my church (monetary and time), if I do not have enough money to take care of myself first. Work hard, for you and for those you love.
  3. Being a workaholic comes with a price - & I need to find a balance. It took me a very long time to realize this, and still to this day sometimes cannot fathom to give myself a break. Work hard, but don't forget to take it easy. I admire my own work ethic - too much to a point where I'm running myself dry. I can't expect to work at an optimal level if I don't have the energy and the right mind to.
  4. Traveling is the best thing this economy can give us. People are not meant to stay in one place. I still can't believe the places I've been to and the things I've seen all before I turned 22!
  5. It's okay to buy nice things. I used to frown upon name brands and I still frown upon "showering" myself with materialistic items. But I've learned it's okay to buy things that you want because you worked hard for it. I mean, what's the point of working hard if you can't enjoy the money you make?
  6. I need to stop swearing. I never knew how fowl it truly is until my little sisters used a swear word in every sentence. It's not classy and it does not make you sound intelligent at all. *However I do agree with swearing when you're angry lol
  7. Church is so important. I understand that not everyone is going to believe the same religion as me. My family used to take us to church every Sunday as a kid and we stopped going after my parents got divorced. I started going to church by myself a couple years ago and it's like a pep-talk to get me ready for the week. I use what I learn and apply it to my life decisions, blog posts, and self realizations. Not only has it brought my spirit of worship back, but I've also met so many great people.
  8. Networking is KEY! I truly think this is how you grow as a person and a business. This is the reason why I am able to travel to so many places by myself! Most of the time, I know someone who has either moved to _____. I've met so many people in airports that I go see all the time!
  9. Technology has taken over my life. In the best and worst way possible. Social media is such an innovative way to grow and reach people. But it's also made me socially awkward in a way. Realizing this made me take just maybe 2 steps back and learn to be more present in the moment - After I get that perfect insta pic of course ;)
  10. I don't need a boyfriend. Maybe I just don't want one ever lol. I'm just too consumed in my own life to worry about another's tbh. Oh man, I feel bad for my future husband haha.
  11. People are wonderful. It's so amazing how we're all here, but every single one of us has such a different story, experience, and life.
  12. People are terrible. They can be mean and cruel for absolutely no reason I could ever make sense of. But don't let that bother you because there will always be terrible people, and wonderful people.
  13. Don't say too much - sometimes the best way of gloating is by succeeding and not saying anything at all. The more you say, the more you'll have to explain yourself.
  14. I'm getting older.. (duh) But it doesn't feel real until my parent's started talking about moving away... and my sisters are already on their own at college. I'm basically here by myself and wouldn't be able to just "go over for dinner" anymore. WHEN DID I GET SO OLD. I'm not supposed to need my parents anymore, and I don't. But knowing that they are just moving away without you is weird.
  15. You can't play Momma-bear forever. I feel like I have 3 children, my 2 baby sisters and my mother. It's exhausting living someone's life for them. I'm an enabler to my mother and I'm over-bearing to my sisters. I need to let them make their own mistakes and learn from them. It just sucks letting them fall when you know you can help them up... Is this the struggle of parenting?!
  16. Taco Bell never sits well. Ever.
  17. French fries are always a good idea.
  18. Always make an effort to be kind to everyone.
  19. You are your worst critic. Another cliche. But very true.
  20. It's okay to ask for help when/if you need it. My ego hates when I do this but it allows me to take a breath.
  21. Always always always smile. I have a terrible R.B.F, probably due to my lack of sleep. I had to go through 6 years of braces, I should smile all the dang time!
  22. Sleep is so important. I'm still learning this. Because I don't sleep. I try to utilize every minute of my day but dang girl I need to chill out! TAKE A CAT NAP.
  23. I am so young. I have to remember that. There is so much of my life ahead of me and many more mistakes to make. Many more heartbreaks to face and rockbottoms to hit. It's all worth the journey! I'm so grateful, truly. Sometimes I forget how great of a life I live.

    Welp, Here's to 23! And many more beautiful birthdays to come. Thank you for the people in my life, the opportunities, and the moments. xoxo 


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