"Are you really THAT busy?"

They say, if you want something bad enough, you'll make time for it. Which I believe is 100% true. A question I get all the time is; "Are you really that busy?" How could someone be that busy?
My answer to that is, no. I am not that busy. I am extremely busy, yes, but if something is important enough in my life, I will absolutely make time for it. Now the matter is, is it that important to me to move my schedule around to make time for said event/person. Most of the time, no it's not.
Every minute I breathe revolves around work. It's my entire life. I consider it a beautiful evil.
5:30am - wake up. get ready. 
6:00am - eat breakfast. check emails. gather everything for the rest of the day. 
6:45am - out of the door on commute to Oswego for class.
8:00am until 11am - class. 
11:00am - commute back to Liverpool.
12:00pm until 3pm - at the office; phone call conferences, client meetings, marketing plans, etc. 
3:30pm - open house showing
4:00pm - back at the office; more phone calls, finishing up work, etc.
5:00pm - drive to Rochester for a casting/commercial shoot/fitting.
8:00pm - commute back to Syracuse, home. 
9:00pm - gym 
10:00pm - dinner 
11:00pm - finish up school work and work emails 
12:00am - earliest I'll go to bed. Most nights I'm up until 1 or 2 am. 
Weekends I work straight through the day & night until 3am. Sometimes 4am. 

All of these things that make up my day, are extremely important to me. Could I give up one or two things for more friend/family time. But I choose not to. It's been second nature to me at this point. My friends and family understand. It's really the new people that enter my life that are off set by my schedule. And I get it. It sounds difficult at first.

I know when to make time to see my family and friends for the weekend, or when to not go to the gym some nights just so I can have dinner with my little sisters. Because I work so much, I have the flexibility, if I choose, to fly where ever I want for a couple days.

I do have a lot going on. I feel like I'm constantly being pulled from 13 different directions. The only moment of silence I get is my hour commute to and from Oswego. This is the best time to listen to podcasts. I love reading but I never get to sit and physically read. One of my favorites has been Optimal Living podcasts - the financial episodes and the lifestyle episodes.
The gym is where I get to listen to my favorite music. I find that listening to an hour of music twice a day is a bit much and I get tired of listening.
I digress.. 
When I tell people about how much I have going on, they say "oh man that sucks!" But I actually thrive for this lifestyle. I love being so busy and having a ton going on. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't overwhelming at times. I know when to take a step back and just fly out for the weekend. That's my "chill" time. I work hard because I know I have a good life and I realize I should not to take it for granted.

The public see's a "fabulous" life but they don't pay any mind to the hard work that goes behind it. 

I'll be uploading a vlog soon to kind of show you a day in my life. From running from school to work to commercial shoots, it's all normal to me. And now you'll get a chance to experience it with me! 😊


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