The Truth Behind My Travel Partner

One of the most frequent question I get asked is “WHO do you travel with?! WHO takes your pictures?!” 
I never really have given a legit answer because I find it funny. - How something so minor can spark such curiosity to even those I do not know. 
I get a good amount of nasty comments as well. Like “She must have a ‘sugar daddy.’ She’s just following some man around who pays for her stuff.” If I had someone who was willing to pay for all my plane tickets and hotels, I’d probably quit my job and just travel my entire life. But that’s not REALISTIC. And even if that were true, I wouldn’t let someone have that much power over me anyways. I can work and pay for my own happiness. Thank you. 
Why is it that most people gravitate towards all the possible negative answers. Why is it assumed that I need a “man” in order to travel or have nice things or enjoy life. That’s what kind of makes me livid. Do you think I am not capable of providing for myself?

Just because YOU can’t afford to travel, doesn’t mean I CAN’T. For those who have nothing but negative things to say, it really shows a reflection on how you view your own happiness and your life. Law of Attraction. Just saying. 
I am very focused on my careers and building My Empire. I barely talk to anyone anymore unless it’s involved with work or school. And that’s another thing - Understand that we are all here to chase our dreams. I am extremely busy all the time. I feel like I blink and 3 months have passed by. I live alone but I am never home! I rarely get my alone time, especially working in customer service demanding jobs. So I think flying away once every 3 weeks for a day or two by myself is much deserved. It’s less stressful not having to worry about what another person wants to do. I get to make my own plans and explore the way that I want to. It got to a point where I was sick of begging someone to scrap up some money and come with me. So I asked the one person who I knew would always say yes. My damn self. I am my own travel partner. 

To those who think I’m following a ‘sugar daddy’ around:
Hi. My name is Tammy. I work my ass off every single day for 17 hours a day and I barely sleep. I work 4 jobs with being in school full time, and I’m not very materialistic which means I have saved a ton of money from not buying large amounts of useless higher priced items. Like Victoria’s Secret. I’m not saying that VS is high end, but a 80$ hoodie that says PINK on it is not how I would rather spend my hard earned money. You can’t be professional wearing a hoodie to the office. ;) It’s a huge asset to be able to manage your own money. The point is that every time someone asks me how I travel so much by myself, they are disappointed with the answer I give. Because it’s not an easy answer. I literally work day and night to a point where I’m having caffeine withdraws of hot and cold flashes, along with endless nights and blood shot eyes. But it’s so worth it, to me at least. And that’s the thing, you have tofind what your shade of gold is. For me, it’s just this. I can’t tell you if I will feel the same next year. That’s the beauty of it too- your shade of gold can always be changed. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine. I did have to give up a couple of things to do this journey this year. I put a pause on my business plan to do all of this. Nobody see’s the work that goes behind what I put on social media. I went through a very rough past 2 years and I was in a rut. To put it lightly, I forgot how beautiful life was and I was down right miserable. I needed this year. And I more than regained happiness - This year has been the best year of my life. Not only because of how traveling opened up my light again, but a ton of other various factors that happened this year. When you finally decide to only let positive into your life, you will only see positive come back out into your life. And it clearly shows. 

The truth is I have been networking since I was 15. I’m grateful to be able to know at least one familiar face in a majority of cities across the world. And plus, it’s not that hard to make friends, especially in a new city. If they think you’re weird, that’s fine! You’re never gonna see them ever again! In my experience so far, everyone has been so friendly to new visitors. I would find it flattering as well if someone wanted to come visit my city just for the sake of exploring.

So who takes my “Instagram-worthy” traveling pictures?
You know it’s hard to say “no” to a smiling face :) But seriously, I have never had someone not willing to take 5 seconds of their time to snap a quick picture of me. Obviously I am going to be a good judge in character and not ask someone sketchy to take my picture. I actually take my own pictures sometimes as well. You know, they have invented another setting on cameras called a “timer.” and they also have this cool stick called a “tripod.” CRAZY STUFF! And did I mention that not the whole world is out to get you - People Are Friendly!! I could be in the middle of setting up and taking my Instagram-worthy shots, and people will come up to me and ask if they can help. Some of them get VERY into it too! Give anyone a camera and they can pretend they’re a professional photographer. It’s comical and heart warming. It brings out the creative side to a person, how they see a “vision.” I’ve been in the modeling industry for over 5 years. I picked up photography myself and learned so much along the way with working with so many talented photographers. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m a professional photographer, but I have a vision behind every picture and put a lot of work into my shots.

Honestly, I love my Instagram. Simply because it helps me stop time in a way. In my nonstop busy lifestyle, a moment can be gone, just like that. It’s very nostalgic to see what has happened this year and how I’ve changed, not only creatively but overall. It makes me very happy to scroll through this past year and relive every single moment - how I felt, what I smelled in that area, what happened that day, etc. It makes me love life more and more because I can see that I am capable of being happy; by making my own happiness. 


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