Getting a Passport Stolen in Greece?!?!

Getting a passport stolen in Greece?!?!
My big trip of this year was going to Greece. 9 hours later from Newark to Athens, (Jetsetter tip: Try to fly out of a bigger airport if you can. This saved me $700!!) We’ve finally arrived in Greece! First impressions - Athens is dirty. I really hate saying that and I tried to find the beauty in the polluted buildings but it was pretty bad. From my experience, Athens is a good place to get all of your “touristy” things done. My cousin and I were able to quickly learn the subway system (much easier than NYC) and went to explore Plaka. 

Plaka is super cute! Right below the Acropolis. They have little shops and restaurants. This is also where we did the famous fish pedicure. (weirdest feeling EVER) If you walk far enough past Plaka, you eventually hit Syntagma Square which is like their huge outlet mall. 

Monastiraki Square
Athens nightlife here is amazing. Every roof top bar has a view of the Acropolis glowing in the background. In the early mornings, the flea market here has fresh fruits and veggies. There are a ton of little shops here but the real shopping center is in Syntagma square.

This is THE tourist spot. I recommend purchasing an all day pass to all the excursions in Acropolis with a student discount. Our first full day in Greece and we had a foreigner’s nightmare - my cousin’s wallet was stolen, including her passport. 
So what do you do when your passport is stolen in a foreign country?! You need to stay there forever. Just kidding - it’s actually a very tedious process but do-able. Bright and early we were in line at the US embassy. And then waited in another line. and then waited in chairs. and 4 hours later we had a new passport! It’s like waiting at the DMV except 5x worse. Luckily, she only had a few Euro bills in the wallet and credit cards. Even luckier, one of us still had our wallet.
My tips on losing your passport/wallet in another country:
1. Panic
2. Ask if anyone has seen it (most likely they have not but doesn’t hurt to ask)
3. Call and cancel all of your credit cards
4. Go to the tourist police department. Yes, there is a separate police station for tourist. File a police report.
5. Go to the US embassy and wait a long long long time.
6. Pay a million dollars about $135 for a new passport/picture.
7. Try not to make this mistake again. 

The next way we hopped on a plane to Mykonos! Such a cute and beautiful island. It takes maybe 45 mins to get from one side to the other. I recommend renting ATV’s which only cost like $25/day. We drove into the town and to Super Paradise beach. I consider this the “Miami” of Greece. Lots of bars and beaches it was very relaxing. The sunset here, was unreal. 

Ah, Santorini. This island is the definition of Greece. We took a ferry from Mykonos to the Fira Port and hauled up the caldera to Oia. It was about a 4 hour ride with beautiful views of the Greek islands and glistening Aegean Sea. Oh and a very much needed nap. Let me tell you, this city is breathtaking. It felt like a dream the entire time I was there. This is where the cave houses, white buildings with blue tops and the donkeys are. Everything you’ve ever heard about Greece. This island is meant for relaxing. There’s not really a night life (which I was perfectly ok with). I spent most of the day laying out soaking up the wonderful sun for hours on the rooftop pool. Forecast said it was supposed to be 70 and sunny all day. Felt like 110 degrees. It was hot! And I feel like for some reason, the white buildings made it hotter. Remember how I said the sunset in Mykonos was unreal? - The sunset in Santorini is indescribable. No wonder this is a place is a destination wedding spot. I climbed on ALOT of buildings here. And got yelled at even more. Anything for that perfect Instagram shot right?
Overall Greece was definitely one of my favorite trips. I’m not too crazy about Greek food. I think it’s all the same honestly lol - different variations of a gyro. Slovaki is just a deconstructed gyro. And who doesn’t like tzatziki?
I’m including my costs because everyone seems to always ask me how I afford to travel (I’ll try to include this in future travel posts too) -
Round trip flight from Newark to Athens: $600 (Disclaimer: I’m an Emirates member)
Flight from Athens to Mykonos:               $70
Ferry from Mykonos to Santorini:            $80
Flight from Santorini to Athens:               $80
Our total trip with major transportation and 4 hotels/Airbnbs: $1300/per person
We were here for 7 days. Not including additional spending costs on food and shopping. 


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